Looking for affordable hosting? FissionHost is the answer.

We at FissionHost are dedicated to provide you a premium hosting service with the most affordable price possible.

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About us

Fissionhost had development start in July 2022, and we decided from day one we would be a premium host with affordable options available. Fissionhost was started with the help of Pigioty, Ryan, and our other wonderful contributers. We also decided to have privacy in mind, read our privacy policy here.

Why us?

Premium hosting

We promise to give you the best support possible!


We try to have minimal downtime as possible.


We have advanced DDoS protection to prevent your server from experiencing lag.

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Cheapest Plan

256MB Ram

10% CPU

1GB Disk space

1 Databases

1 Backups

Rent ($1.49)

Best Value

4GB Ram

100% CPU

5GB Disk space

3 Databases

3 Backups

Rent ($7.99)

Best Deal

12GB Ram

300% CPU

30GB Disk space

5 Databases

5 Backups

Rent ($19.99)